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Wine time

Despite today’s snow in London, the milder weather last week made me think it was getting time to start filling the fridge with rosé again. Surfing about, though, I spotted that Pierrefeu’s wines are beginning to permeate the web a bit.

The local winegrowers have launched their own website which, despite its awful translation – apparently ‘those wines have a preserved gustative quality, typical of a unique provençal land’ – is a pretty useful guide to the very drinkable rosés of the area.

And my friend Corinne from the tourist office also has a starring role in this site, which features the Maison du Vin next door to where she works. A good way to get a wee free taste of the great wines of Pierrefeu and, as my brother has clocked, cheaper than paying a mighty one euro for a glass of the pink stuff in our local bar. Skinflint…