Spring is here


At long last, the sun has come out. The sky is azure blue and cloudless and it is beginning to feel as if the damp, chilly winter is behind us.

I’m in PF for a few days before heading along to Cannes to work at Mip TV for the week.  But on a day like today, it will be very hard to leave the village for the bustling metropolis along the coast, packed as it will be with luvvies and endless meetings in windowless rooms.  Not to mention the infamous bunker in ‘Le Palais’.

It’s been one of these days when I’ve felt like a real ‘Pierrefeucaine’.  I did my shopping in the market, saw people I knew and took advice on which carrots and green beans to buy.  Simone was particularly solicitous that I should get my fruit and veggies from the right stall – a local chap (well, ‘un Hyerois’) – and not someone who imports vegetables from other countries.  How we laughed at the idea of strawberries from Belgium, which were on display at the non-local stand.

Then went down to wonderfully-named ‘Simply’ to get some chicken for my stew and met Corinne from the Tourist Office, who regaled me with her poor experiences at Disneyland Paris (oops) and filled me in on various folk and their medical conditions.

Other bits of news from the village:

  • There is now a pawnshop next to Dany’s bar.  Or rather somewhere that buys gold.  Including teeth.  Suzie wonders if he has a small room in the back for extractions.
  • The former Petit Casino next to the florists is about to become a medical lab.  They’re midway through renovating it and all there is so far is, incongruously, a dentist’s chair (linked to news item one, perhaps?) and a counter.  I was hoping for something a little more exciting but the ever health-conscious Pierrefeucains are thrilled at the idea of speedier diagnoses from the village doctor.
  • Talking of supermarkets, the Vival next to Dany’s (which is patently where it all happens in Pierrefeu) has been sold and will re-open as another small supermarche.  It’s run by Simone’s grandson.  Another one works chez Dany and yet another owns the Blue Dream bar.   The Milesi mafia is alive and well.
  • The red boulangerie has new owners . And have done it up so it’s all faux exposed brickwork to simulate a 19th century bakers, I suppose. The bread’s good and I can vouch for their croissants. You still can’t beat the Boulangerie du Mairie for tarts, though.

So my casserole got cooked (despite having to borrow garlic from Simone) and going without flour, following the shelf cull after Mr Mouse’s visit last year.  I’m about to wash and prepare some (non-Belgian) strawberries and rasps for supper.  Then I think I shall retire to the terrasse with my book for the last of the sun, and in anticipation of a wee apero there with the girls later.

Vive le printemps!

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