Making a list and checking it twice

So, a week today I’m off to Pierrefeu for a long-awaited break. And for a fortnight too!

Beyond the standard suitcase-full of pluggery (who knew so many gadgets needed charged?), there are requests trickling in for UK treats for ex-Pats in PF.  Such as:

  • Jelly for Suzie who seems to have a yen to make some kind of traffic light confection, and has only got red.
  • Snacks and light reading for Lu, who’s had pleurisy.  Thinking twiglets, wine gums and Grazia, Hello etc etc
  • Maybe a little dress or something girly for little Arielle. Note to self – how big is she now?  Last time I looked she was about two.

And I suppose I’ll have to take some running gear for early morning (pre-heat!) runs down in the vines so that I’m semi-ready for the Race for Life at the end of June.

On a dreich, damp Bank Holiday Saturday, I’m counting the days…

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