TV – Pierrefeu style

Local TV has hit Pierrefeu.  And I don’t mean to be rude but I think the presenter, her cameraman and director could do with a few basic lessons…

Watch out for these classics in the Fete du Terroir film:

  • Madame Poncho is in virtually every shot…
  • The kitchen scenes with the cooks and their chums smoking over the bubbling pots and pans
  • The lazy re-use of some shots by simply putting them in again – in rewind. There’s actually a child running backwards in one scene.
  • Monsieur le Maire everywhere and a guest-presenting slot by M Benentendi, who’s the councillor responsible for these events
  • The fascinating vegetable-carving gentleman
  • Repeated appearances of sundry barnyard animals

Joking aside, it’s lovely to see Pierrefeu on film and I even spotted a few familiar faces in the crowd.  It does make me think I’ve missed a relocation opportunity, though, when I realise that the Var TV mob are pocketing 500 euros a pop for these wee videos.  And they’ve covered Le Luc, Carnoules and many other places across the valley.

Oh, and if you want to see what a Christmas town hall meeting looks like when it’s given Presidential Debate status, check this out.  Lovely scenes of a festive Pierrefeu by night.

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