A blast from the past

While clearing out emails from my BBC email account, I came upon some photos from 2002 which show the Pierrefeu house as it was when Lucinda and Olivier lived there. These were the pics which got me in a plane out to the Var and encouraged me to buy the place in two days. The best thing I ever did. This is the kitchen. Obviously.

And this is the bedroom, with the wee ‘chambrette’ – where Elisa used to sleep – just through the wall behind the bed.

Then, it’s up the dangerously open stairs (Linda M freaked when she saw these) to the living room.

And finally, the ‘salon’, which had a lot more stuff in it then than it does now. But still has a wonderful view South over the roofs of the village and to the hills. And on to the terrace, which has had a couple of licks of paint since 2002 but is still a great place to drink a glass or two of rosé, count bats and watch the sun go down…

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