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Vivre a Pierrefeu – Christmas special

It’s in and downloadable here by clicking on ‘telecharger’.

Headlines this quarter include:

  • The arrival of doggy poop bags, accompanied by a cute picture of a West Highland Terrier positioned next to a lampost. Let’s see if this makes any difference to the streets of Pierrefeu… (The bags, not the terrier.)
  • New shops and businesses opening, including the lovely new boulangerie near the Mairie, a hairdresser who’ll come to your house and a computer expert who’s set up shop in the Atac complex.
  • Details of how to submit your house into the Best Christmas Decorations competition and, of course, information about the hugely exciting ‘Foire aux Santons’ in the village. Not to be missed.
  • An update on Pierrefeu’s own running club, Cool Running, and the imminent ‘Trail de Pierre a Feu’, all 26 kms of it. Gulp…
  • Some photos of some very tiny ‘acrobates pierrefeucains’ from the village’s gym club.

And finally, if you’re around on Christmas Eve, Pere Noel is in the streets of Pierrefeu. Probably lurching from bar to bar, smelling strongly of Pernod and puffing at his last Gitane before the ban comes in on 1 January.

Bonnes fetes, tout le monde!

Things to do in Pierrefeu in the Autumn

PIerrefeu by night 2

As festive as it might look, there’s not an AWFUL lot happening in downtown Pierrefeu as winter approaches. When I was there the other week, just before Halloween, the big news was that the Circus Anthony was coming to town. And later, the local paper went big on a photo of a camel standing near a pile of builder’s sand near the Big Top. Bit of a scoop, that.

Not as exciting, however, as the other circus which opened in the area, The Cirque Amar, which promised unforgettable spectacle and the biggest cabaret in the world. What piqued my interest though was the prospect of ‘The Globe of the Death’ – which I think was some kind of motorbike stunt-thing. Badly translated.