Monthly Archives: October 2007

Drama in Pierrefeu

News just in from my chum, Suzie Mutch, who’s living in PF for a couple of years. It’s a shocker, especially after she and our friend, Lucinda, had a run in with some local yobs on mopeds…

So I thought we lived in this sleepy little French town until the incident with Lucinda and the yooofs. But now it appears that we were let off lightly. In yesterday’s Var Matin the headline went something on the lines of “Pierrefeu’s canibal is sent to prison”. I read on. On 25th July there was an incident of road rage in the Dixmude carpark which ended up with the aggressor (a music teacher no less) biting off two fingers of Victim A and the cheek of Victim B. Give me Brixton any day. It’s clearly safer.