Monthly Archives: June 2007

The Pierrefeu boys set off

I was up at an ungodly hour on Sunday and, in a world first, watched the Pierrefeu Cycling Club set off on their weekly 90 (yes, that’s NINETY) kilometre ‘run’.

Cyclo Sport Pierrefeu are one of the most active – in all senses – clubs in the village and, like many similar organisations around France, they have the full team kit for virtually every bit of cyclewear they need. And very multi-coloured it is too.

I felt like a camp follower watching them all assemble – there were about 30 or so – shaking each others’ hands, checking their gears and getting ready for the road, and the hills, ahead. It may not have been the Tour de France but it was all I could do to supress a cheer and cry of ‘Allez Pierrefeu!’ as they whooshed off down the hill in their Peleton Pierrefeucain…