Reasons not to use web translation tools – no 343

The Univers Hotel in Pierrefeu has decided to leave information sheets in each of its bedrooms. However, they rashly decided to use an internet translation application for the English version. See if it makes any sense to you…


Continental or in the form of dresser, it is been used of 7h00 with 10h00 (the week, of Monday at Friday) and as 8h00 with 10h00 (weekends and public holidays) in room or terrace, the come season.


Within a pleasant framework, you will be accommodated for the lunch, of 12h00 with 14h00 and for the dinner, of 19h00 with 21h00. You will on the spot appreciate our regional and local specialities (to be ordered the day before) as well as the chart and of the formulas.


Establishment with placed at your disposal a key of door of exit giving on a small street behind the hotel allowing you to enter an leave at all hours.


Editor’s note: You’ll be relieved to hear that I’ve translated this into normal English for them now.

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