Monthly Archives: March 2007

Bobby at the window

Dog at window

As the days get warmer, the dog down the road takes up his position at the window, watching passers-by. Say ‘Bonjour, Bobby!’ and, freakily, a disembodied voice from inside the room says ‘Bonjour’ back. Great for scaring small children. Oh, and if the windows are closed, Bobby’s often kept in the bathroom, from where he will bark furiously as you pass by. That’ll make you jump each time…

Reasons not to use web translation tools – no 343

The Univers Hotel in Pierrefeu has decided to leave information sheets in each of its bedrooms. However, they rashly decided to use an internet translation application for the English version. See if it makes any sense to you…


Continental or in the form of dresser, it is been used of 7h00 with 10h00 (the week, of Monday at Friday) and as 8h00 with 10h00 (weekends and public holidays) in room or terrace, the come season.


Within a pleasant framework, you will be accommodated for the lunch, of 12h00 with 14h00 and for the dinner, of 19h00 with 21h00. You will on the spot appreciate our regional and local specialities (to be ordered the day before) as well as the chart and of the formulas.


Establishment with placed at your disposal a key of door of exit giving on a small street behind the hotel allowing you to enter an leave at all hours.


Editor’s note: You’ll be relieved to hear that I’ve translated this into normal English for them now.

THIS is what they were building…


Having listened to hammering and pile-driving from up in 5 rue de la Chapelle for much of last year, the Pierrefeu Mairie’s works blog has an update of what’s being constructed down the hill from the house. It’s an Old Folks home, to be named after the late, and much-loved, Mayor, Andre Blanc. And, and if you’re interested, you can also get aerial views of the new gendarmerie and the new ‘council houses’ being build on the hill behind the old town. I wonder if I’m eligible…


It might be getting warmer in the daytime but, when night begins to fall in Pierrefeu at this time of year, shutters get pulled over at 6ish, the wood fires are lit and the smell of the burning vine cuttings drifting up through the chimneys accompany you as you nip down the Boulangerie for the evening’s baguette. Might as well pop into the Bar Central for a sharpener before heading back up the hill to the house…

Drama in Pierrefeu

Shocking news in the online edition of Var Matin this morning about a fire which destroyed an appartment in the centre of the village. Apparently a tenant in a rented flat in rue du General Sarrail – that’s the steep one which takes you downhill to the market – nipped out to get her child from school and came back to a mini inferno, caused by a coffee machine. On her return from the school, she hastened into the appartment to try and put out the fire and was overcome with smoke. Firemen from Pierrefeu – aided by colleagues from Cuers and Collobrieres – transported the unfortunate lady out and straight to hospital. Damage to the flat, according to Var Matin, was considerable.

And in other news, summer must be approaching. The webcam at St Clair is showing the annual construction of the beach bar/club. This is the one where you can have rose brought to the wee table by your sunbed in a small jug. Ah, summer…